Fort Bragg council race heats up

Originally published at on September 3, 2016



“The City of Fort Bragg is in for a competitive council race this year, with two open seats and five men vying for the positions in the Nov. 8 election. … Bernie Norvell, 46, a lifelong resident of Fort Bragg, owns Norvell’s Paint and Garage Doors along with his sister and parents. Norvell said he hears from many people in Fort Bragg who say they “feel disrespected” by the city government, and that they fear some decisions are made by officials without public input. Norvell is calling for the city to “take a step back” and reexamine its vision.

Meme posted to Norvell’s Facebook page.
Meme posted to Norvell's Facebook page.
Norvell meme.

Though he highlights respect in his public statements, Norvell has posted, or reposted, several memes to Facebook mocking various groups, including Mexicans immigrants and food-stamp recipients. One meme
mocks Mexican people for their lack of English skills, another suggest the same group is freeloading off the American government, and a third compares recipients of food stamps to wild animals who, if fed “will never learn to take care of themselves.”

Norvell meme.

When pressed about these posts, Norvell said that through his 16 years of coaching wrestling and other youth sports, he had worked with Latino youth and that “a lot of the Hispanic kids that I’ve coached had the biggest hearts.” Norvell stated “I don’t have any disrespect for the Latino community.” Norvell also said that, “I don’t think it has anything to do with Latin Americans, but I think our government does give a lot of stuff away to non-citizens.”

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