Mendocino Supervisors, Sheriff endorse cuts to some homeless services and “zero tolerance” for encampments

During the morning session of their April 24 meeting, the Mendocino Supervisors heard concerns about eroding workers’ safety protections as well as fears over the lack of adequate regulations for cannabis microbusinesses. The Board also endorsed in concept new homeless policies from controversial Texas based consultant Dr. Marbut — including cuts in services for some homeless populations alongside a so-called “zero tolerance” approach by law enforcement towards homeless encampments. Dan Young reports.

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Ft. Bragg Council talks election reform, trash rates, water tanks and more

On April 23 the Fort Bragg City Council discussed a proposal to address possible discrimination in its electoral process by moving from city-wide to district-based Councilmember elections. The Council also approved increased spending on a 1.5 million gallon water tank project, and rate hikes for local trash collection. Dan Young reports.

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Mendocino cannabis code revisions: FL/TPZ cultivators, sunset zone deadlines, personal use registration

Mendocino County has reduced requirements for pre-existing cultivators in Forest Land and Timber Production Zone properties, and extended the application deadline for cultivators in the so-called sunset zones. The County has also removed most — but not all — requirements that people growing cannabis for personal use register with the county. Dan Young reports.

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Ft. Bragg Council talks trash rates, housing construction, hospital taxes, and wastewater

On April 9 the Fort Bragg City Council heard about an attempt by the multinational corporation Waste Management, Inc. to hike local trash rates. The Council also approved up to $2 million in expenditures for a wastewater treatment plant. Meanwhile the city’s Vice Mayor asked the Council to consider endorsing a ballot initiative that would create a new parcel tax to benefit his employer, the Mendocino Coast District Hospital. Dan Young reports.

UPDATE: Fort Bragg City Manager Tabatha Miller responded via email on April 11 to a request for comment on potential conflict of interest concerns related to the proposed resolution endorsing Measure C and Vice Mayor Will Lee’s employment at the Hospital. Miller wrote, “The City Attorney and I had a conversation earlier today regarding the drafting of and City Council vote on a Resolution endorsing Measure C.  As part of that, we discussed how to handle this potential agenda item so that we avoid any conflict of interest or even perceived conflict of interest.  As a result, staff will likely recommend a slightly different approach to the City Council on how this matter is developed and presented.” In response to a further question about whether an agendized item related to this topic would appear on the agenda of the Council’s next meeting on April 23, Miller responded: “The actual agenda item for Measure C is tentatively planned for the first or second meeting in May.  It is not our intention to agendize a discussion on how to approach the requested endorsement item for the April 23 meeting.  If the matter is mentioned at all on April 23,  it would be as a part of Staff Comments with the expectation that it is just an informational update on an upcoming future agendized item.”

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CDFW water diversion agreement ignites controversy at Ft. Bragg Council meeting

Fort Bragg has reached a long awaited agreement with CDFW regarding the impacts on salmon and other aquatic organisms caused by one of the city’s 3 water supply diversions. However the agreement ignited some controversy when it showed up on the City Council’s consent calendar on April 9. Dan Young reports.

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Mendocino Supervisors discuss concerns about mom-and-pop cannabis growers, cultivation near tribal lands

During a March 27 update on the county’s cannabis program, the Mendocino Supervisors heard concerns that smaller, so-called mom-and-pop cannabis cultivators are poorly represented among operations that have received county permits. The Board also discussed advocating at the state level for changes to requirements that cannabis growers receive explicit permission from Native American tribes in order to cultivate within 600 feet of tribal lands. Dan Young reports.

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Mendo keeps minimum cannabis tax of up to $5000 — even for cultivators who suffer total crop loss

On March 27 the Mendocino Supervisors’ removed a ban on cannabis packaging and processing facilities on Williamson Act properties. However despite concerns raised by the public, the Board did not alter a county requirement that cannabis cultivators pay a minimum tax of up to $5000 a year — even when a cultivator suffers catastrophic total crop loss. Dan Young reports.

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